Farmers' overall living level improves. Corn products from small scale of corn processing, such as CORN CLEANING MACHINE, can not meet their requirements for the bad flavor and taste. So many of them give up processing by themselves but going to shop to choose corn products. The grain planting structure is also changing. Farmers have more requirement standard for grains. Many of them don't store grains any more. Besides, the corn processing cost is higher and higher.

From the above, we can see that many farmers from the rural area have less corn cleaning machine. On the other view, this is also a chance or market potential for us. We should grasp the chance and make more farmers learn about the corn processing machines. The equipment that fades out the rural market is the low end one, maybe what we should do next step is to research and develop higher end equipments needed for more farmers.

Corn cleaning machine refers to the TQSF single gravity destoner machine here. The gravity destoner machine is the most ideal corn cleaning machine in the world. TQSF corn cleaning machine has the dual functions of classifying and stone removing. It includes screening, classifying, stone removing and winnowing. … chine.html