Today, let's mainly talk about 7 problems in SOYBEAN FLOUR MILLING MACHINE installation. 

1. When we install the soybean flour milling machine, we should tension the screen, because the screen tension degree affects the machine's screening efficiency.
2. Choose the screen with coarser wire diameter, because linear screen installation is complex relatively.
3. When we install the cleaning marbles for the soybean flour milling machine, we should consider the screening difficulty and mesh number of the material.
4. In clipping, the screen width and the wire frame should keep accordant. The length should be 50-70mm longer than the wire frame.
5. If the material has larger gravity or has more mesh number, we can increase supporting network with suitable mesh number under the SOYBEAN FLOUR MILLING MACHINE screen which can play as a supporting role and reduces the screen pressure from the material to prolong its service life.
6. After installation of the wire frame, notice to stretch the surplus screen into the related discharging hole to avoid material mixing.
7. When we install the pressing plate, we should notice the flatness. We can place sponge sealing strip as lining to avoid level mixing and prolong its service life.

The 7 points above are what we should pay attention in soybean flour milling machine installation. We always make great efforts in choosing a right machine for us, but if we don't take the installation into good consideration, the machine operation will not be perfect. Therefore, pay attention to the installation detailes from now on! … chine.html