How Many Market Shares of Corn grinding machine Have?
Our new type [b]CORN GRINDING MACHINE[/b] are gradually replacing old cracker, disk mill. It saves energy, easy and flexible to operate. Proud to say, we take the most market share in this market.

Feature of corn grinding machine: corn grinding machine is featured by compact of conformation , polish on inside and outside wall, no material left in the crush tank, no blockage, and easy to clean. Corn grinding machine has a self-classification system, 100% output degree.
Corn grinding machine Advantsges:
1.All at once crushed into a pod ,leaving no residue.
2.It has the features of compact structure,easy operation and fine performance.
3.Be applicable this machine used milling maize,corn,sweet potato and other vegetables.

Win Tone corn grinding machine works well on the following material, wheat, bran, buckwheat, malt, potato chips, coffee, milk, seeds, oats, starch, corn, millet, black and white rice, soybeans, green beans, millet, dextrin, seafood, peanuts, milk, soy milk powder, dairy products, dumpling powder, glucose, broken bread, cocoa powder, glucose, potato flour, dehydrated vegetables, hawthorn Jen tablets, ginger, garlic, jujube, pumpkin powder, Mount taro, shell, bone meal, puffed cereals and a variety of coarse grains, etc.