30T/Day CORN GRINDING MILL can process 30T corn per day by corn cleaning, skin removing, grits making, classifying, degermination, polishing, flour milling and plansifter classification. It can produce corn germs, corn flour with different meshes and degreased corn flour. Now, let’s analyze 30T/day CORN GRINDING MILL INPUT cost.

Due to different prices of unprocessed corn and corn products in different areas, we can analyze corn grinding mill input cost and benefits according to the local market condition. Usually, the corn finished products should have no bran or impurities and have even granularity. We calculate this corn grinding mill, and analyze that its profits for per ton should keep between 150-160RMB.

When corn moisture content is 25%, corn market price per ton should be 1300RMB. Each ton of corn can produce 470kg of corn grits, each kg of corn grits costs 1.8RMB, so each ton of corn can be processed into corn grits with the value of 846RMB. Corn grinding mill can produce fine flour 250kg with per ton of corn, and the total price of the corn flour processed from one ton corn is 400 RMB (calculating as 1.6RMB/kg). Ordinary flour (80kg) : 112 RMB. Feed (200kg): 240 RMB. From the above, the finished products has the total value for each ton corn: 1598RMB, and the gross margin for each ton corn: 298RMB. More information about corn grinding mill input cost, please feel free to contact us.