Domestic Feed Machinery Development Trend
The key factor of domestic feed machinery development is to develop suitable and various
feed stuff for the free-range raising households and create infinite social and economic benefits. The actual market and the potential market are both very wide. This means, domestic feed machinery development needs to be integrated with the local feed capital and the cultivation features.

We can exploit the advantages of the low investment and smart business pattern of the small domestic feed machinery enterprises and develop high quality feed products with local features. In fact, some domestic feed machinery manufacturers with insight have already made the first move and achieved large economic benefits.

To be faced with such rapid development of the society and technology, the traditional domestic feed machinery has to find out ways to become suitable for the current industrial competition, especially in yield. Compared with the machinery yield of the developed countries, domestic feed machinery needs continuous improvement in technology research. Domestic feed machinery should develop towards the direction of large scale and intensification and improve the production efficiency by enlarging sales volume, reduce production cost and administration expense.