6FTBP-40 Grade Flour CORN GRINDING MACHINE is complicated and mechanical. One machine connects with another and restrain with each other.
A small part will cause abnormal operation of the whole line. Hence, in daily life, the corn grinding machine must be seriously maintained.
1. After every shift, the workers should clean up the workshop and all the bins as well as settling chamber, wiping out the machine.
2. The complete set of corn grinding machine equipments must be in the charge of someone who add lubricant according to the following list.
3. When temperature of the roller increases and its scraping rate decreases, the grinding teeth are blunt. The roller needs drawing wire again. The diameter of the roller reduces, leading to increase of clearance between the two rollers so that you should adjust the center distance or change gear and roller.
4. Regularly clean the cloth deduster, keeping no clock and leakage. If it is blocked, put it under the sun or knock with canes instead of washing with water.
5. Clean dust in each equipment and and pipe, making the pipe unblocked. Repair the leakage.
6. Adjust tightness of conveying belt and change the damaged. If they are not used for a long time, loosen all the belts and keep ventilated and dry, preventing rust. 
7. Check and maintain safety facilities, guaranteeing secure operation.
8. Check all the joints and sealed parts, repair if looseness and leakage happen.
9. Clean the vibrating sifter with brush. Knock and vibration are forbidden. Repair and change the sieve cover if it is damaged.
10. Establish a system to maintain the corn grinding machine regularly and make an detailed technical record.