This metal crushing machine is specially designed and with good quality gearbox, the strength is very large, and the mould of the brqiuette machine is also produced with good quality steel materials, the cost will be accordingly higher. Because the materials are iron powders, so that means we need to use high quality mould to press the materials.

High quality tyre recycling machine used to crush the waste tire into rubber powder, environmental protection and energy saving. As experts in dealing with waste tires, we can be comprehensive treatment waste tire and decompose them into steel,rubber powder and fiber .Fote metal crushing machine can treat and recyle pop-top can like waste paint bucket, pop-top can, dishware, mooncake box, tin can, waste household appliances like waste iron sheet, aluminium profile, copper bar pipe, waste building templates, waste packing containers, waste plastics, circuit board, refrigerator, TV, washing machine, waste metal or nonmetal like color steel tile, glass-reinforced plastics, car shell, automobile tire, household garbage, industrial refuse. Zhengzhou Fote Machinery is a professional manufacturer engaged in the research, design, production, sale and service of scrap metal crusher, roller crusher, environmental friendly electric products, recovering equipments, wood crusher series, etc. Fote products have exported to Malaysia, Egypt, South Africa, Ireland, Austria, Turkey, France, the Netherlands, the United States , South Korea , etc. Fote scrap metal crusher machine is widely employed to crush and recycle pop cans, tin cans, metal food box, paint bucket, gas gasoline drum, oil filter, shell of refrigerator and washing machine, steel tile, light bar keel, etc.

Low noise, no pollution, simple operation, convenient maintenance. Aluminum scrap metal crusher have the advantages of traditional crusher, and make full use of the theory of impact, shear, mutual hit and grinding etc. Also we can do many kinds of configuration due to the different raw materials and the customers’ requirement for output.

metal crushing equipment: