Rotary dryer is mainly for drying small size raw material like coal,sawdust,cocopeat,silica san,sand,mineral powder etc. Inside the spray dryer have lifting plate, it will raise the raw material up and down, so that the heat and raw material will totally contact inside the sand dryer. The dried raw material will come out from the discharge machine of rotary dryer.

This method is not used in the simplified displacement. When simplified moves downwards, adjustable cylinder group supporting wheel, inward parallel adjustment, the cylinder rear appropriately raise. The improvement of less than 8 degrees, to the simplified reduction. When simplified upward shift, inwards parallel adjustment of front support wheel. The principle is that, when the cylinder downward shift, the supporting wheel to improve, so that the idler roller and tyre contact surface of front supporting wheel and the front wheel is increased, with the contact surface is reduced, after riding wheel friction coefficient increases, the simplified pull back reset. After the above method adjust, rotary drying machine can run normally, and the translational phenomenon. When operation the sand dryer machine, thespray dryer operator should take the initiative to maintain 500mm distance divide the wheel avoiding in the road or track back feet were crushed in the process. Before loading of goods, please fill in the uniform of the material on the conveyor, conveyor so as to stop causing congestion. When the sand dryer machine is in operation, prohibiting within half a meter to stand. It’s prohibited fireworks in the driving environment and work preventing fire accidents. If the accident, please stop immediately. During the operation of spray dryer. Please fixed time check the temperature on the thermometer index.

The service of spray dryer equipment in the course of its use will usually have this or that problem, so we have to examine the factory have manufactured models of sand dryer with the specifications required by the user experience, while its after-sales services have some knowledge of the situation.

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