Scrap metal crusher machine produced by Fote are mainly employed to grind large size metallic material into into solid metal lumps or granules, thus reducing transport costs and improving the efficiency of scrap steelmaking.

Fote aluminum can scrap metal crusher machine makes full use of the impact, shear, blow and grinding force to get the waste cans grinded. As long as the metal can be crushed, pulverized material is very easy to carry out transport, easy to feed steel, also reduces the number of feed lot. In the process of crushing force applied to the solid with pressure roll, cut, impact, grinding four. Rolled mainly used in rough, broken, suitable for hard material and bulk material crushing; cut is mainly used in crushing, grinding toughness suitable materials; impact is mainly used in crushing, fine grinding, fine grinding, fitness crushing brittle materials; grinding mainly in fine grinding, fine grinding, suitable for small and fine particles of pulverized. The actual grinding process is often several forces acting simultaneously. Fote scrap metal crusher machine line is employed to recycling scrap car shell after removal of engine and other internal structures. A dedicated heavy metal scrap crusher is used for coarse crushing; use the heavy horizontal crusher for further crushing; after crushing, use wind power equipment and specialized device for dust removal; at last, separate the iron-based metal by a intensity magnetic device. High quality, new style product and high speed delivery, these are our advantages compared with other company’s similar products.

Fote is able to customize solutions for different needs, and design full recirculation device of scrap metal crusher machine according to local technical requirements and relevant laws. Equipments of metal crusher made by Fote reach the world advanced level in the security, economic and ecological protection. If you are interest in our products or have any decision, please contract us. And we wish our one more cooperation. Welcome to inquiry!