The coal briquette machine refers to powdered material of forming equipment, widely application resistance material, and power plant, and metallurgical, and chemical, and energy, and transport, and heating, industry, common of type coal equipment has desulfurization gypsum pressure ball machine, and powder pressure ball machine, and mine powder pressure ball machine, and strong pressure ball machine, and high-pressure pressure ball machine, and iron powder pressure ball machine, and coal Rod forming machine,.

The coal briquette machine in coal pellet manufacturing process was limited by forming pressure and influence in shaping effect, this is because our briquette coal must be squeezed exertenal forces on extrusion molding, because of outside pressure in order to guarantee the stability of shape and stable。 We all know the important position that the charcoal briquette machine occupies during the charcoal briquette making process. And if you expect your machine have a good performance, you have to pay more attention to the operation and maintenance of it. The briquetting of coal today is of more than historic interest. Coal is briquetted as an initial step in the production of activated carbon. There is growing interest in briquetting coal to reclaim stockpiles of abandoned screenings. Coal that has been crushed for conveying by pipe line or crushed for cleaning to remove sulfur and ash cannot readily be shipped without reagglomerating it to a larger size. Coal smaller than one-quarter inch cannot be used without agglomeration in some of the processes for synthetic fuels. Briquetting is used in the production of form coke and has advantages in the production of metallurgical grade coke as well.

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