Fote’s staff has decades of experience in designing and manufacturing shredding systems for all types of scrap metal crusher. We will work with you to design an integrated shredding solution for your application. In order to verify that our solution will perform to your expectations, we encourage our customers to test-shred their materials at our test facility.

Scrap Metal Crusher

Scrap-steel prices have been climbing like crazy in recent months, with the scrap price for junk cars reaching about $250/ton here in the world. That means that a lot of potential project cars that have spent decades in back yards and driveways, waiting to get back on the road, are now worth an easy 400 bucks at the scrap metal crusher. Armies of steel-crazed scavengers with car trailers and flatbed trucks have been scouring the countryside for unwanted— or, more accurately, insufficiently wanted— vehicles to turn into quick cash. I hit a local metal-recycling yard yesterday to see the frenzy for myself. The scrap metal crushers are often the first step in a chip handling and processing system to reduce the chip size to enable proper processing or transport, especially via overhead systems. Chip shredders also provide value as a potential stand-alone solution to reduce the volume and transportation costs associated with your scrap. Chip wringers (or chip centrifuges) dry chips from machining or grinding sludge to recover valuable coolant, and increasing their scrap value. These chip processing solutions can generate a rapid payback on investment while simultaneously meeting ever more stringent environment regulations regarding chip disposal. Depending on the material and cutting fluid, dryness to less than 2% residual coolant can be achieved in your chip recovery operation.

Fote's scrap metal crushermachine will pay for your junk cars, car bodies, trucks, trailers, appliances and scrap metal! Should Fote scrap metal crusher be of interest to you, please do not hesitate to contact us, and we will response to you as soon as possible.