Fote Heavy Machinery designs and manufactures custom dual shaft shredders and quad shaft scrap metal crusher machine for effective, reliable shredding of metals. Our slow speed, high torque shredders are manufactured with powerful blades with custom configurations and sizes to provide the size reductions your application requires.

Scrap Metal Crusher Machine

Dual or quad shaft scrap metal crusher machine breaks bales or briquettes of pre-processed metal scrap for final size reduction and separation for reclamation or re-melting, allowing for recovery and reuse of the metals. Integrated systems include grinders and hammer mills for producing small size or powdered materials for reuse. The scrap metal crusher machine designed by our engineers in uk,we choosed the top brand spare parts for the shredding machine like the gear box,the motor,the blades,the bearings,the shafts,also the electrical system,which support the machine works with good quality for long life. Chip processing solutions can provide an outstanding return on investment through reduced labor costs, cost savings through re-using valuable coolants/oils, significantly increased scrap value, and transportation cost savings. With over 13 models available, covering a range of throughputs and sizes from machine-tool level to central systems, Fote can provide a system of scrap metal crusher machine that fits your specific needs. All models are auto-reversing to clear jams and can include tramp part rejection.

Fote Machinery is specialized in the production of scarp metal crusher machine, which is in line with national standard and the needs of our customers. When Fote scrap metal crusher is processing, materials in the crushing cavity can be fully and effectively crushed, which has high output, low energy consumption, high efficiency and even crushing of the materials. In addition, it has low noise, no pollution, simple operation, convenient maintenance, high quality and reasonable price. If you are interested, please leave us a message or send emails to us, we will answer you as soon as we can! Thank you!

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