Scrap metal includes metals that can be reclaimed for use in manufacturing, processed for re-melting or prepared for disposal in landfills. These metals include industrial scrap metal and remainders, electronic scrap, aluminum and precious metals. The scrap metal crusher prepares the metals for bailing and bundling, saving storage space, transportation and disposal costs. Quad shaft shredders reduce and separate electronic scrap and prototypes in one process, allowing for the recovery of precious metals.

The Fote scrap metal crusher is one two shafts shredder,also oneheavy duty shredder,also one powerful shredding machine.Which eat one car in 3 minutes and eating one car body in 30 seconds. To celebrate the National Day of China, Fote Machinery has a big promotion. Any customers buy our machines will enjoy some discount. Fote would give away the accessories free of charge for the customers buy our scrap metal crusher. The promotion is only available for a limited time, therefore customers are urged to act quickly and take advantage of this great deal. The handling and disposal of wet chips and grinding sludge can be a hidden source of savings and even revenue for your operations when you employ chip processing solutions. Mayfran offers a variety of chip wringers, chip crushers/shredders and briquetters to effectively dry chips, reduce chip volumes and condense chips into manageable sizes ready for recycling. Scrap metal crushers are often the first step in a chip handling and processing system to reduce the chip size to enable proper processing or transport, especially via overhead systems. Chip shredders also provide value as a potential stand-alone solution to reduce the volume and transportation costs associated with your scrap.

Fote Machinery is a professional manufacturer of scrap metal crusher, and each crusher has one's own knack. We have complete and standardized sales and service system, which can provide a full range of cans crushing production line, metal crushing production line and bicycle crushing production line. Welcome customers to visit us!