With a large amount of copper wire needed and massive copper wire scrap generating, it is certain that the future of copper cable granulator will be bright and its manufacturing craft will get improved. Fote is a professional and experienced manufacturer of copper cable granulator and cable recycling machine. A really good choice for cable wire recycling!

Cable Recycling Machine

From a technical level, the third solution for tyre scrap is difficult to realize because of its technical requirements, equipment cost, etc. As for other two solutions, it is not a problem any more. Now tyre recycling people can utilize crushing and separating device to turn the tyre scrap into delicate rubber powder in normal temperature and this way has realized large-scale production. This method has been accepted by many enterprises, but not so well known in China. At the same time, for those people without enough capital or without the need to get such high conductive copper, other methods are more economic such as mechanical separation. Copper cable granulator and cable recycling machine are two common machines in this method, the effect of which is also excellent. Before talking cable recycling machine itself, we should have a basic knowledge of copper consumption. Copper plays an important role in modern industry because of its good electrical conductivity, great ductility and the relative price advantage. Then what is the supply and demand situation of copper?

Without doubt, the most important part is separation device. Some traditional copper cable recycling machine accepts vibrating device, of which the effect is not so ideal. The copper granules are always mixed with plastic pellet. Fote copper cable granulator has made improvement. The separation device adopts both vibrating device and wind power separation. The recycling rate can reach 999.99%. Fote has double years’ experience in wire recycling. The cable granulators and cable recycling machine produced by Fote are of high quality and high recycling rate. If you want to join this business, we can give you professional advice.it is a fact that many copper cable granulators in the market are unqualified, and the copper recycled by them can not be used as refined copper directly. Low copper purity, high residual copper content in the waste plastics and environment pollution are quite common, which reduce the production effectiveness of the copper recycling.

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