Biomass industry, especially biomass briquettes production, is a huge opportunity for China. It can bring clean electricity and heat, greater energy security, economic development in both rural and urban areas, and new green jobs. It is one of the major new growth opportunities that can help China economy out of recession. Thus, China is still a net ball press machine exporting country. The briquettes applied as an energy carrier in China have been used for heat provision in ca. 140,000 briquette boiler mostly with an installed thermal capacity below 20 kW. However, with an increasing tendency also combustion units with a higher installed thermal capacity (up to 5 MW) have been implemented in recent years.

Ball Press Machine

Compression of loose biomass, rice husk, wheat Straw and other agricultural or forest waste in to high density briquettes with the help of briquetting machine is called briquetting. During the process, any kind of binder or chemical / adhesive is not needed. It binds the raw material itself by high temperature and high pressure of biomass ball press machine. After analyzing the advantages and the disadvantages of the two main ways, you must have your own idea. So you have to make decision based on your own condition, such as the site of the factory, your capital, your target market, your expectation of the investment and the policy. The main body of the fluorite briquette machine should be vertical to the level. The ball press machine should be installed on the horizontal concrete pedestal and be bolted by the foot bolts. After installing the ball press machine, users should check whether the bolts are loose or the door is fastened. Check the condition of the fluorite powder briquette machine's power configuration, power wire and control switch. After all the inspection, users can test run the machine with no load. Once the test run goes well, we can start the normal production.

The static pressure ball press machine is mainly used to press or compact kinds of iron powder, ore powder, sinter and steel slag. Any kind of powder materials that need to compact can be made into ball materials by this machine. Moreover, it has obvious effect on the loose materials.

ore powder briquette making machine: