In China wood chips and wood briquettes have a certain market importance, and especially the latter was characterized by a considerable market growth during recent years. In 2010 roughly 63 briquette press machine factories produced approx. 1.75 Mio. t of briquettes. The installed production capacity has shown a significant growth throughout recent years. Overall, the installed capacity accounts for roughly 3.25 Mio. t. Compared with the approx. 1.75 Mio. t. of briquettes produced, the domestic consumption added up roughly to 1.2 Mio. t. The surplus of ca. 0.55 Mio. t. exceeding the domestic market has been exported to foreign countries.

Briquette Press Machine

The finished charcoal briquette press machine has higher calorific value, burns completely thus emits lesser Air Pollution. At the same time charcoal briquette is easy to transport and store. Thus, it can be widely used in boilers, furnaces, sugar plants, chemical Industries, dyeing industries, food processing, oil extraction and other domestic and commercial purposes. Many of the developing countries are now diversified to promote this technology, because the briquette press machine has little investment, low pollution and easy operation. Government of China, of course, also is encouraging biomass briquette press machine industry by giving incentives to the manufacturer, plant holder and briquettes user. Let’s look at some facts about biomass briquettes: the raw material piled density is 60-350 kg/m³, while the briquettes piled density is 1100-1400kg/m³. We can easily draw a conclusion that the briquettes density has greatly improved, so the combustion value also improves 30%-40%. Most important, after carbonization, the charcoal briquette press machine calorific value can be up to 7000-8500 kilocalories. The burning time is 200 min/kg and carbon content is 75%-85%.

The briquette press machine has better physical and combustion than the initial waste. Moreover, the charcoal briquettes from agricultural waste can be used as fuel in place to ordinary wood charcoal in the rural houses in China and as well in the urban cites too. The benefit is that the type of cooker or stove needed for using charcoal briquettes is manufactured readily and almost can be found in every home in China and it is referred to as the coal pot. The government starts to be strict about the management of the mine exploitation, so it's more and more difficult to exploit the scarce fluorite ore. Therefore, the stacking and spare fluorite powder starts to be applied to replace the minerals. The fluorite powder briquette press machine or the fluorite briquetting machine is invented to make briquetting fluorite products.

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