Biomass energy can potentially reduce China's greenhouse gas emissions, as well as reduce the country's reliance on oil. The future development of our biomass industry is reliant on a sustainable and economically attractive feedstock supply. Coal is likely to continue dominating China's electricity generation mix, but a shift to low carbon fuels is expected as a result of the national government's ambition of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Here, charcoal briquetting machine is the right answer.

Briquetting Machine

The competitiveness of charcoal briquetting machine production is very strong in China. Being an agrarian economy, more than 60% of the population is involved in agricultural activities in the country. As per World Bank statistics, around 26, 280, 000 hectares of land is under cultivation in China. The major sources of biomass briquettes are crop residues, including wheat straw, rice husk, rice straw, cane trash, bagasse, cotton sticks. Besides, biomass residue resources from ongoing China activities, such as agriculture, forestry and industrial processes, were found to represent a continuous and robust resource option for China biomass briquettes production, potentially contributing up to 6.5% of primary energy demand by 2050. With advantages of advanced technology, reliable quality, multiple function and strong pressure, Fote Machinery's briquette machines are suitable for large, medium and small enterprises. Our company has designed and manufactured many different types of briquette machines for customers to choose according to their requirement. What is our initial willingness to purchase an briquette machine? We of course hope to increase the production through the equipment, thus creating higher economic benefits eventually. It is always an issue of concern for the manufacturers as for the production efforts of the briquetting machine. Good quality makes good production, and Fote Machinery has faith in manufacturing briquette machine all the way. Whether the equipment can operate well is affected by various factors. As for the aspect of research and development of the coal briquette machine, Fote has its own idea. And we also have our own scheme in improving the level of production of ore powder briquetting machine.

The Fote briquetting machine enterprise is totally owing to its efforts on the research and development of briquette machines. We have been looking for the most reasonable solution to the permanently high quality production of ore powder briquetting machines. The high quality ore powder briquette machines not only depend on good materials but need more technical support.

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