The TRT generating system is driven by the exhaust gas pressure generated from the steelworks’ blast furnace and converted into electricity using a turbine. In addition to energy savings, noise is reduced when gas is passed through the turbine. Because of the system’s environmentally friendly features, TRT generating systems are standard for almost all large blast furnaces of grinding mill in the world.

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Slag is a vertical grinding mill and grinding disc plus the vertical mill wear surface material layer . Since slag cement plant compared with traditional materials , poor grindability and abrasion resistance is not good, so the wheel and disc wear problems of vertical mill was once limited the vertical mill grinding slag in terms of development applications. With the rapid development of the next ball grinding mills industry in south africa, domestic and international market competition intensifies , Hongxing based on years of research in accordance with market demand , combined with mill production and sale of the actual situation , the initial development of Hongxing in the future years trends.

1, the control simplified trend of grinding mill. In recent years , a variety of equipment to facilitate the rapid application of the factory production line , and has been gradually integrated one-touch control , even though the manufacturers sometimes do not have professional staff handling machines , production can also be achieved by a simple control . This is a technology expert enrichment .

2 , equipment intelligent trend. Due to the successful development of new ideas and more research institutes new methods , and a variety of intelligent control theory applied successfully in other industries , with more advanced intelligent processing equipment manufacturers have been debugging in the laboratory. I believe that in the near future, the new smart products of grinding mill will flood the entire processing equipment market .

3 , device integration trend . Because modern dressing mesh products and product quality requirements of increasingly demanding . Therefore, in the choice of equipment manufacturers , when more willing to choose sets of production lines ,

As the equipment of the production line are optimized for other devices , can effectively improve production efficiency and ease of manipulation . Vertical grinding mill is a set of crushing , drying, grinding , grading conveyor in one large negative wind broom grinding equipment , widely used in cement, power, paper , PVC pipe and PPR pipe, metallurgy , chemical industry , high-grade paint, artificial marble tiles, artificial granite , non-metallic mineral industries , high production efficiency , can be massive, granular and powdered raw materials are crushed into powder grinding required .

limestone grinding mill: