In some building materials market in China the zenith recycled brick as many as fifteen species, one of the most popular is the blind brick, unburned brick, brick plaza and other recycled products, is the main characteristics of heat preservation, heat insulation performance is good, durable good. the MSW processing of superfine grinding mill not only reduces the pollution source for city construction and development, provide favorable conditions for the recycled products and the production is for the development of city economy construction. But relative to most of our city, treatment of zenith is still based on the simple landfill, but also harm not aware of landfill after zenith brought to the city environment, or have been realized, but still could not find a reasonable way for processing, therefore, to realize our city environment to realize the sustainable development building essential, garbage disposal equipment, more is needed to support the Chinese government and people, can really achieve the benefits the country and the people!

Superfine Grinding Mill

It is reported, when producing 150 tons of grounut pest superfine grinding mill of Henan Hongxing mining machinery company of green construction group is designed by GZT49grounut pest grinding mill PE75081060 of grounut pest grinding mill, GZGgrounut pest superfine grinding mill b0-4 transition feeder, PSGB1600 hydraulic grounut pest grinding mill, VSIgold processing plants south africa40 vertical shaft crushing machine , 3YK2460 circular vibrating screen two, 2LX915 spiral crushing machine and so on, using three stage crushing process, to ensure that the finished product aggregate flakiness content production less than 7%, while the loss of smaller wear resistant parts. Hongxing mining machinery, the configuration of the crushing machine process and scheme, truly reduce cost, decrease the consumption of accessories and perfect income greatly increased computation, let the customer is very satisfied. The effect of energy saving measures of quality grading of Hongxing superfine grinding mill energy-saving emission reduction ore production line tips the grinding process of grinding products directly affect the superfine grinding mill energy consumption. By grading equipment with high efficiency, improve the classification efficiency of grinding products, reduce the volume of return of the grinding process, reduce circulating load.

Only seeking cheap factors of production, actively adopt, the promotion of energy-saving technology and equipment, in order to promote the sustainable development of enterprises. Each plant had suitable ore mill feed size, technical engineer I think when broken (crusher) size is 9-12mm, the total energy consumption broken minimum; empirical size and recognized as 10~15mm, the particle size of superfine grinding mill can greatly improve the grinding of mineral content, reduce energy consumption and improve the candidate conditions. With the principle of broken grinding this principle, the development of ultra fine and more crushing and less grinding process, optimization and shorten the beneficiation process.
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