With the development of science and technology, the use of recycled aggregate in China has not only limited to replace natural sand, also can be widely used for making bricks, concrete, zenith and other building materials aggregate, waste brick coarse superfine mill mcf series coarse powder mill zenith company in Hongxing model mobile China Kunming imported, can be recycled aggregate divided into 3 in aggregate size, aggregate is assigned in the same field after extensive use, the fine aggregate instead of natural sand, it can also be used to produce cement, zenith made up its production of cement, but the price is more favorable than the cement, well received by the market.

Superfine Mill

In September 12, 2013, Henan Hongxing mining machinery company in the bustling, workshop worker in the busy loading, Hongxing of Henan to Shandong green construction group design when producing 150 tons of superfine mill machine ready for shipment. The production line delivery, symbol of Henan Hongxing mining machinery company brand awareness to further enhance. Shandong Qingdao when producing 150 tons of grounut pest superfine mill equipment. Construction industry as a pillar industry of the national economy, in the last hundred years is also developing rapidly, thus inevitably build, in the use of the building and demolition process produces a large amount of by-product, namely the general said the building rubbish. A large number of rock stone and decide on what path to follow has become the focus of the world issues of common concern. Early in the developed country in order to solve the problem of a series of superfine mill are very fruitful research and practice prove, energy waste is the best way to solve the problem of this one society.

According to the different nature of ore, scientific regulations for crushing process and grinding process of ore discharge size, can make the crushing equipment operation rate increased nearly 20%, the utilization coefficient of superfine mill is increased by about 10%, can reduce the total energy consumption of 15%-30% superfine mill. Improve the crushing efficiency, reduce fine granularity, the realization of more crushing and less grinding, has been the energy saving efforts iron ore dressing direction, at the same time, further reducing all look fine granularity of preconcentration technology, magnetization roasting technology sorting technology improves efficiency. Traditional cone crusher has single yield is low, high energy consumption, fine grain content low, conical developed in recent years and the high pressure roller crusher superfine mill technology will achieve more crushing and less grinding plays a critical role in iron mine. Hongxing mining machinery is a professional production of crusher equipment manufacturers, crusher series equipment jaw crusher, hammer crusher, single period of crusher, hammer crusher, composite crusher, excellent technology, exquisite technology.

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