With the high-speed development of city construction, the number of housing units every year upward trend, increasing the zenith in production. According to my understanding of the year construction produce zenith residue has reached over 4 hundred million tons, and are in landfill disposal, cause our country city environment is seriously polluted, and takes up a lot of land resources, along with the importance of energy saving and environmental protection, people gradually found, most of the resources in the abandoned building materials can be realized recycling and create considerable profit, then professional waste brick crushing equipment was born, ultra-fine mill in China will be a reasonable solution.

Ultra-fine Mill

The ultra-fine mill design is widely used in mining, smelting, building materials, highway, railway, water conservancy and chemical industries. The current commonly used limestone grinding mill design are limestone grinding mill design , vertical shaft limestone grinding mill design , hydraulic limestone ultra-fine grinding mill design , roller limestone grinding mill design , composite limestone grinding mill design etc.. Ultra-fine mill design has the characteristics of big crushing ratio, uniform product size, simple structure, reliable work, convenient repair, operating cost. Henan Sheng day environmental protection company in June the introduction of mobile construction Hongxing mining machinery company, garbage disposal equipment and fixed brick, brick by the curb, rock stone production of grass planting brick, colored bricks, square bricks, porous brick, brick permeable road teeth 15 kinds of new environment-friendly building materials. This is garbage disposal equipment first building Central Plains area, processing and consumption of more than 200 of construction waste, treatment can basically meet the needs of rock stone in Henan and its surrounding area, fully protect the natural resources and the environment of Henan city and the surrounding area. According to expert Hongxing mine machinery company, according to the characteristics of China's current construction waste, recycling utilization rate can reach more than 95%.

Ultra-fine mill manual operation is difficult to maintain production at the optimal state, trend of mining development in the future is the expert system and the optimal combination of timely control, to timely adjust production parameters according to the change in the ore properties, the ore dressing production remained in the optimal state. Mineral processing equipment automation, not only the investment recovery fast, effective, and can improve the processing ability, reduce drug consumption and electricity consumption. This kind of bearing not only friction power consumption, and short service life. The liquid hydrostatic bearing lubrication, the friction between the two there is always a layer of pressure oil film, so it has great bearing capacity, high precision, good seismic performance, the use of the advantages of long service life, low friction power consumption etc.. Therefore the technical improvement and application of hydrostatic bearing has obvious energy saving effect of the ultra-fine mill traditional Babbitt bearing, can also be used to extend the spindle, bearing.
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