Hongxing’s TRT generating system is unique in that it doesn’t rely on a conventional governing valve to control the blast furnace’s top pressure, instead employing the turbine’s variable stator blades. This method dose not control the gas flow rate from the milling machine by adjusting the valves, but adopts a method wherein the angle of the blades are continuously adjusted. This enables efficient, low-noise generation with minimal energy loss, even when the gas flow rate and pressure from the blast furnace change.

Milling Machine

SUN Zhao , general manager of China National Gold Group Corporation School , said the successful development of milling machine, and a milestone in the history of the national manufacturing mining equipment. This largest manufacturing shortest time , low investment cost , technologically advanced , reliable, energy saving equipment, large-scale localization of equipment manufacturing industry to improve the national level, but also for the future development of larger and more advanced mining equipment, management and technical experience accumulated . With the development of resistant materials abroad , our wear-resistant materials and the introduction of foreign technology, vertical mill grinding wheel and disc transformation , the wheel base metal casting roller sleeve outer layer of wear-resistant surfacing layer, vertical mill wheel and disc wear resistance has been greatly improved, wear-resistant materials slag grinding problems can be solved . This Hongxing milling machine is a horizontal cylindrical rotating device , outer gear, the two positions, lattice -type ball mill . Material from the feed device evenly into the milling machine first position into the compound empty -axis spiral , the warehouse has ladder liner or corrugated liner, built with different specifications steel ball , rotating cylinder produces centrifugal force to the ball a certain height after the fall, have severe impact on the material and abrasive. Material in the first position kibble , after single-compartment plate into the second warehouse, the warehouse lined with flat lining , the steel ball, the material to further grinding.

Powder through the discharge grate plate to complete the grinding operation. Ball is an important equipment building materials, metallurgy , mining , power, chemical and other industries fine grinding operations , the early days , the introduction of foreign children home technology , after digestion of domestic experts and engineers absorption and gradually improved , the application in all sectors , to the 1990s , after a number of ball mill technology innovation to improve , but the main structure and performance has not changed much in the early 1990s , with the development of the active efforts of the international and domestic engineering and technical personnel section , the old milling machine toward specialization, rationalization , high- thin, high-yield , energy-saving technologies such as integrated development of the combination . These advanced technologies mill as one solution after all , we can call him a modern milling machine .
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