Henan is at present the implementation of zenith recycling an earlier City, in 2008 the introduction of the mobile Hongxing Henan Mining Machinery Company Limited production of ultrafine grinder, then realized the construction garbage embarked on a recycling road. Hebei Baoding introduced the broken equipment, can achieve 3000 tons of zenith waste every day, and the recovery rate is more than 95%, mainly in zenith concrete, brick, zenith mixture of rubble and broken, screening so as to realize the reuse, it is understood, its production of aggregate particle size less than 30mm, an ordinary aggregate quality, widely used in building construction, road construction, High-speed Rail instead of natural sand, which is economic, environmental protection.

Ultrafine Grinder

PF-I series of counter function processing length of 100 ~ 500 mm below the material crushing type, its compressive strength up to 350 MPa, with broken than large, broken material after a cube particle etc.. PF-II series ultrafine grinder design , is suitable for crushing medium hard materials, such as limestone lime single toggle and double toggle jaw crusher comparison , with a large capacity, a the advantages of small particle size. Product structure optimization of fierce market competition constantly faced with Hongxing mining machinery company, raise content of science and technology equipment, green for the development purpose, adhere to the production process of green, and constantly develop new products, improve market competitiveness, to create their own brand, Hongxing mining machinery company warmly welcome new and old customers to come to fieldwork of ultrafine grinder. In this paper, by Hongxing mining machinery company e-commerce Department editor, if reproduced, please indicate the source. Take the use of rock stone production of recycled brick, compared with the solid clay brick, also is the production of brick of 150000000 mark, can reduce the sampling of 240000 cubic meters, the building of about 400000 tons of waste disposal, 340 mu of land conservation. In addition, the brick process, but also can fly ash 40000 tons, save 15000 tons of standard coal, to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions 360 tons. Hongxing Mine Machinery Co., the company's products and items include: mobile construction series, models, specifications of garbage broken brick combined production line . rock stone crushing / processing / workstations. mobile / fixed building garbage ultrafine grinders in swaziland image station. rock stone resource treatment using the ultrafine grinder equipment. resourceful disposal of rock stone utilization project engineering service. In order to provide rock stone disposal and utilization of resources for the user the service plan.

Energy consumption can be reduced by about 10%. Ultrafine grinder control ore through the transformation, using the automation instrumentation, mill, mill power and detection of audio classification current, analysis of ultrafine grinder working state, the fuzzy algorithm and fuzzy reasoning, optimization of hierarchical control model of grinding ball mill feeding, realize automatic control, automatic control of grinding concentration, overflow size automatic control, give full play to the grinding and classification efficiency, realize the mill capacity maximization. Practice has proved, it can optimize the grinding classification process automation control system, give full play to the efficiency of the equipment, reduce or eliminate the ultrafine grinder bloated and idle time, reduce the ball and lining board loss, reduce the production cost, obvious economic benefit. For example, the Anshan Iron and steel Gongchangling concentrator grinding automation control technology, realization of ultrafine grinder production capacity increased by 8%, and reduce the energy consumption of 8%-15%, improving labor productivity, 5%-10%, metal recovery rate is increased by 2%.
The leading products of Hongxing Machinery includeultrafine grinding mill, high strength grinding mill, jaw crushing machine and so on. Moreover, we can provide program design, process flow design, standard and non-standard design for clients.