GZ series electromagnetic vibrating feeder is widely used in food, machinery, light industry, metallurgy, mining, coal, chemical industry, electric power and other industries, and also widely used in industry, GZ series electromagnetic vibrating feeder is used in the granular and powdered materials from storage bin or funnel homogeneous continuous or to quantitatively to the device.For example, to the belt conveyor, screening equipment and so on to give YA circle vibrating screen; Of crusher such as feeding, and the automatic batching, quantitative packaging, etc., and can be used in the process of automatic control, to realize the automatic production process.

Vibration principle of GZ series mechanical feeder is as follows: Vibrating feeder is a double particle forced vibration system, is its structure diagram, its structure is simplified as a double degree of freedom of the double particle forced vibration system. It is the principle diagram of the system movement.In figure 6 m1 called before quality, including feed trough, the connecting fork, the armature and feeding trough in 20% of the weight;M2 for the quality, it includes base, electromagnet, etc; The quality of the plate spring generally share in m1 and m2.Work of the system is using the principle of mechanical resonance, with small power consumption, large mechanical efficiency. According to the double particle kinematics and dynamics research of forced vibrations of the vibration system, the amplitude of the two particles is inversely proportional to the quality of their respective, namely have m1 / m2 = a2 / a1, further according to vibration theory (shortage of this article) can be proved, the double forced vibration natural frequency of vibration system of a particle can be simplified into a reduced quality for m, spring stiffness k elemental point force to calculate the natural frequency of the vibration system.

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