Wet ball mill motor driven through reduction gears rotating cylinder , the cylinder body of the broken ore and ball in the cylinder when the rotation by the friction force and the centrifugal force is brought to a certain height liner due to gravity, they have spilled into the falling and falling , impact and grinding the ore in the role gradually crushed. The ore is crushed by discharging part of the discharge tube. Discharge of minerals by spiral classifier in the classification of qualified products, grit feeder to go back through the joint wet grinding ball mill to continue . Feeder evenly continuous feed , ore feeder through the joint into the wet ball mill continuous and uniform, steady flow of material to be ground from the ball mill discharge.

In the building ceramics industry, due to continuous wet type with high yield,low energy consumption,less occupied area, high degree of automation, low labor intensity, low environmental pollution, application of continuous wet type ball mill will have a hitherto unknown achievement. Ball mill production is a horizontal cylinder rotating device, a feeding part, discharging part, a rotary part, transmission part (reducer, small gear, motors, electrical control) and other major parts. Outer gear, two warehouses, lattice type ball mill. Hollow shaft adopts steel castings, the liner is detachable, rotary gear hobbing with casting, shell lining with wear-resistant, with good resistance to wear.

Material from the feed device into the compound by hollow shaft screw evenly into the wet ceramic ball mill warehouse,the warehouse has stepped lining board or corrugated liner,built in different specifications of steel balls,rotating cylinder the ball to a certain height, the centrifugal force generated after the fall, hit and grinding effect on material. Materials in the first position to coarse grinding, the board by the single compartment into the second warehouse, the warehouse linedwith flat lining, steel ball inside, the material to further grinding. Powder through the discharge grate discharge, finish grinding operation.

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