Sawdust dryer mainly has two types. One is rotary sawdust dryer, one is airflow sawdust dryer. Rotary sawdust dryer is for the big processing capacity, and the airflow sawdust dryer is for small processing capacity. Sawdust dryer is important and indispensable drying equipment in the process of production mechanism charcoal. The materials of the timber which have been crushed can be produced to the fashioned mechanism stick through the sawdust dryer and the rod making machine. Then the fashioned mechanism sticks are made into the mechanism charcoal by the coking furnace.

Rotary sawdust dryer is also known as sawdust drum dryer machine, sawdust drying machine, which is specially designed for drying the wood chips, sawdust, wood pellets, wood shavings, etc. Pipe dryer, known as flash dryer or air current drying machine, is not a bad choice for drying biomass materials to the required moisture content. It is the most inexpensive type drying machine nowadays in biomass industry but with the same drying effect as rotary drum dryer. The whole body includes air boiler, hopper, cyclone separator, fan blower and drying column. Pipe dryer can be used for drying various types of small and light biomass materials such as wood chips, wood sawdust, corn stalks, rice hulls, etc. with their diameter less than 3mm.

New sawdust dryer has more excellent material drying effect, exquisite technology, advanced technology, stable performance, high yield, low energy consumption, small occupied area, high degree of mechanization. Sawdust can fully dry in the rotating cylinder, and sawdust in the material conveying pipe again before fully dispersed, so that the moisture to evaporate quickly, block can be blocked impurity sawdust in, to ensure access to material conveying pipe in sawdust quality. Sawdust into sawdust dryer by blowing with the rotary cylinder interaction, the material in the barrel of fluidized air and material, full contact, complete drying. The utility model has the advantages of simple structure, convenient use etc..

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