Before the test run to start the slow drive, slow drive 2-3, check hinder movement and limit switch action is normal correct direction of rotation of the mill, and then you can start the main motor. The vibration amplitude of the main bearings shall not be greater than 0.6mm, the temperature rise should not exceed 30 C; large gear runout shall not be greater than 1.2mm face runout to less than 1.6mm; lubrication and interlock device is flexible and reliable;

The ball mill industry in the contemporary although obtained some progress and development,but there are many problems. Some small faults in the process of customer use will inevitably,our company experts said: when the ball mill grinding materials,if there are some errors at ball mill,it will lead to failure of ball mill.Once a fault occurs it will cause more or less economic loss to the customer,so to a certain extent,showing the importance of inspection and eliminate failure.Our factory has drecades of ball mill equipment production experience, has a deep understanding in the failure, for everybody below summarizes several for reference. The following points must be given special attention:

1. Motor maintenance:Before the ball mill put in production,the motor needs to be idling operation.According to the construction and acceptance of provisional rules of procedure of cement ball mill installation requirements,the motor needs to idle for four hours,the mill running for a period of time before it can be put into normal use.

2.The influence of reducer abnormal sound:in the ball mill,reducer is one of the important part.If the ball mill reducer gear has the slight knock,friction sound,you need to stop for inspection, so as not to cause more trouble. In order to improve the running in gear between the pinion shaft,on the need to set and the balance wheel,and the speed reducer is formed on both sides of the rotation carrier.

3.How to deal with the plug an oil pipeline?when an oil pipeline ball mill clogging,mostly because of many impurities, rust internal pipeline,it can use the filtered 40# oil and 20% for washing.The worker should clean tubing,import the blind plate for sealing after death, the temporary pipeline inlet pipe and outlet connected, then use the circulation pump irrigation.

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