<p>As we all know, the less moisture of industrial coal slime ,the better.Kefan coal slime drying machine can process fine slime filter cake recovered from the filter press into products with particle size of less than or equal to 13mm,moisture less than or equal to 13% ,which makes the coal value-added for the commercial power coal,so it can be sold separately or blended with coal (mixed coal ) sold to the thermal power plant, realizing high efficiency, large quantities of slime recovery, ultimately perfect the process of coal preparation system, realize the secondary leap from closed-circuit circulation of wash water to the 100% slurry recycling. It has obvious economic benefits, social benefits and environmental benefits of the implementation of <a href="http://www.fut-china.com/p-21.html">coal slime dryer</a> technology.</p><p>The root of the fundamental principle concerning energy-saving of drying machine is to make efforts on the fuel of dryer heat hot air furnace, the use of high temperature heat pump drying machine, the actual consumption of the user is reduced, the profit realizes the maximization, it is in line with the national energy conservation policy, at the same time it better adapts to the market.</p><p>In the technical aspect of drying machine,we should enhance the study of automation, test, manufacturing process and materials design and other aspects, in the application associate, it is necessary to pay attention to the international exchange and cooperation, also pay attention to the protection of intellectual property; we should focus not only on new technologies, development of new application field, but also on the  reform and innovation of traditional technology and traditional application fields.</p><p>Improper use of drying equipment, drying equipment is too small to meet the required drying performance and forced heating causes fire, planning principle of drying equipment has problem, draw material cannot be  sucked away,which causes problems inside the dryer.</p><p>In short, customers who want to buy drying machine shall according to own actual situation, comprehensively consider to make the final right of purchase. Kefan is specialized in manufacturing drying machine,especially Kefan <a href="http://www.ft-dryer.com/products/Rotary-dryer.html">rotary dryer</a>,which enjoys good fame and popularity.</p><p>conveyor belt: http://www.fote-machine.com/product/bel … </p>