<p> Energy-saving emission reduction, ecological construction of a harmonious society, is the sustainable development of long-term plans. Environmental protection and energy conservation is the topic of the current cliché, under the resounding slogan of the environmental low-carbon, the exploitation of mineral resources need to select efficient, high-yield mining equipment saves a lot of pollution control costs for the enterprise, which also contributed to the national green-building.</p><p> The type of the crusher are according to the hardness,moisture, size of the material, and the required output size distribution. The DSM hammer mill integrates the advantages of hammer crusher, fine crusher, impact crusher, etc. and is further improved in terms of structure, materials, etc. The optimized crushing chamber improves fine crushing effects and enhances the unitarity of spare parts. The hammer is designed with tungsten and titanium alloy integrated structure and other special wear-resistant materials which greatly lengthen the service life of the hammer.Our company supply the customer the most suitable crusher, to meet customers” requirements.reversible hammer crusher features:</p><p>1. Without grid plate, avoiding the blockage, in the case of high moisture content.</p><p>2. The rotor can be reversibly used , mean the hammer can be reused, highly improve the hammer use rate, reduce the customers”cost.</p><p>3. Hammers used in the crusher, are our patent hammers “Big Gold Tooth”, with the service life 50-150% longer than common High Mn.</p><p>4. Discharge port can be adjusted , guarantee the required final size.</p><p>5. With hydraulic system, easy opening the crusher shale, to maintain and check the inner cavity.</p><p>6. With the finite-element analysis, we guarantee the crusher shell.</p><p>Green industry is the trend mining machinery develops towards. The rapid development of mankind base on high energy consumption and over-exploitation of resources as a precondition. Several years later, resource depletion, our children and grandchildren how to survive!The crushing process than the process of grinding the economy and convenience, a reasonable selection of crushing equipment and grinding equipment is very important.&nbsp;</p><p>strong pressure ball machine: http://www.fote-machine.com/news/n9.html</p>