In the long run, coal supply will appear in dramatic growth; But as for the demand, the development of economic and social has increased for coal demand, but considering the adjustment of economic structure and implementation of policy which is energy conservation and emission reduction, the demand will have a slowdown. The coal pressure will increase in the market supply; as for supply, of local resources integration coal mine will expand the scale in 2012 production, such as Shaanxi, Inner Mongolia and other major coal-producing provinces. At the same time, with the operation of many railway transportation channels, the coal transportation problem with the bottleneck bag will further ease. The coal production capacity will be released in the northern Shaanxi and western Inner Mongolia, and the rotary dryer supply will tardily grow.

The pressure of which coal market demand exceeds supply unceasingly increases; rotary dryer is the most important equipment to deal with coal slime. Supply and demand of the coal market is still not balance, so we can see that coal slime dryer has great potential.

From the trend of coal import and export perspective, Indonesia, Australia, Russia, Mongolia and other countries will continue to increase export of China's coal in 2012. Imports of our coal will still remain high in the whole year. So it also makes our supplies of coal further increase. This shows that rotary dryer has an important role in the country and abroad market.

Manufacturers of China's mining enterprise have foreseen this chance and have the development perspective. When the chairman of Henan Hongxing Machinery is interviewed, he said: “The development direction of our company is the foreign market in the next few years, although the path will be very hard, we will still stick to it. And we hope to hold up the future of China mining machinery with other mining machinery factories together '.

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