Ball mill is made up by feeder, charging port, barrel, discharging port, bearing, transmission device, reducer, and coupler and so on. The barrel formed by the melt steel plate, one end of the barrel joint with the charging port hollow shaft by the bolt, and the other one joint with the discharging port hollow shaft. The ball mill barrel is horizontally supported by two main bearings. Inner of the hollow shaft there is changeable lining as the channel of raw material charging and end product discharging. There are high manganese steel lining plat and white iron lining plate in the inner wall of the ball mill barrel, and there are amount of grinding media and grinding raw material in the barrel.

Grading machine is widely used in the concentrator with ball mill dubbed closed loop process of triage process ore sand, or use in the gravity concentrator grading ore and fine mud, and metal beneficiation process for pulp particle size grading, and washing operations the mud, dehydration and other operations. The grading machine has a simple structure, reliable, easy to operate.

Ball mill mainly use for grinding various ores and other materials, it can divide into dry and wet grinding methods are widely used in mineral processing building materials and chemical industry. According to different ways of discharge can be divided into tabular type and flowing type.

Classifier is a different means of solid particle sizes, specific gravity, thus settling velocity different principles in liquids, fine mineral particles floating in the water to overflow the coarse mineral particles sink to the bottom. Discharged by the screw into the upper part, to a hierarchical classification of mechanical equipment, the ball mill can grind material powder level in the filter, and then use the coarse material piece rotary vane screwed spiral mill feed inlet, the filter out the fine material discharged from the overflow tube. The machine uses the base channel, the body uses welded steel. Into the head of the screw shaft, the shaft head, using cast iron sleeve, wear-resistant and durable, lifting devices of electric and manual.

ore rod mill: