Once thehuge ball mill has been in use, the copper will be increased to 800,000tons in the future three years.Now the Biggest Double driving-gear ball mill has made a success in the world by Fote company, whose manager Fote has rewarded RMB10million from the Su Zhaoxue, the manager of China Gold Group. It is reported that the Ministry of Land Resources and Ministry of Finance will increase Gansu policy, funding,resource allocation and management support to accelerate comprehensive utilization of multi-model base construction Yaojie coal, Jinchuan copper-nickel metal and other mineral resources, promotting the application of advanced technology to improve large-scale mining enterprises and the level of concentration, and make an inventory of a large number of resources to enhance the supply capacity.

Henan Province will take this opportunity to speed up mining development pattern, improve mining enterprisemanagement levels and promote green mine construction. For this, the province will establish long-term mechanismof comprehensive utilization of mineral resources and rational exploitation of resources incentive and restraintmechanisms, explore the establishment of the supervision and management of mineral resources development andutilization of shared responsibility mechanism, and improve the regulatory system, enhancing the regulatory capacityand level of mineral resources and to strengthen utilization of industry, academia, research integration platform topromote the mining and comprehensive utilization of key technology innovation, strengthening the standards, thetypical mode of production management experience and a summary of the promotion, demonstration of the same type mine utilization level of the whole.

The ball mill, integrated type selection, design, production, the assembly, the factory in commissioning, site installation and complete set of supply, is the only one that can offer the whole solutions for customers by the time.These machines of 11-5.4m half-grinding mill and 7.9-13.6m ball mill are the second project for China Gold Group by zhongxin company. It's an important strategic project for the coroperation by China Gold Group and Hulunbuir City.

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