High pressure suspension mill is a new research and development mill by Shunky engineers based on many years mills R&D experience, the practical situation of the customers, and the needs of mill industry, which opens a new period of international mill industry marked by high efficiency and low power consumption. Now Fpte machinery will introduce the working peinciple and features of high pressure suspension mill.

Operating principle: High Pressure Suspension Mill analysis of rotary vane machine is mounted on the top of master cylinder cover, flange connection, in case there is no gear box. But the gear box with one pair of bevel gears, the upper vertical shaft fixed with the blade base, and its Welding is equipped with a 60 blade, the blade on the outer circumference of the shell powder containing blocking circle. Horizontal axis at one end with bevel gears, triangle filled the other side of the pulley, the middle of the rolling bearing, v-belt from the belt pulley connected with the governor.


1. Unique design. In the grinding chamber, we design a pressure device of 1500kg~2000kg on the plum-type shelf. The force of grinding device increases 800~1500kgf. Under the

same power, the capacity increases 10~30% and the fineness of products can be reached 1000 mesh;

2. Wide applications. Many materials with the Moh's hardness under 9.3;

3. Green. The effect of dust removing reaches to state standard;

4. Good airtightness. The grinding rollers apply the overlapping and multi-level air protection to make sure the efficiency and lengthen the working life;

5. Low operation cost. The wearing parts apply high quality materials to lengthen the grinding rollers and rings' working life. And also decrease the customers' investment cost;

6. Increase the use ratio of wearing parts. To ensure the stable capacity and fineness, customers can adjust the length of high-pressure spring and keep the invariable pressure

between grinding rollers and rings.

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