To build the conservation oriented society, we should raise the usage rate of resources; Fote Machinery has a long history in producing pellet mills, briquette machine and mining machines. Every machine has its individual function, as pellet mills can make full use of rubbish, straw, animal manure, and so on. Briquette machine can be used in making coal fines, coke fines, charcoal powder, carbon black, iron ore fines, and so on.

The charcoal briquettes are quadrangle shape or hexagonal shape and they can also be pressed into ball shape, pellet shape or honeycomb briquette shape. It is especially suitable for heating in north areas in autumn and winter as the life fuel.

The finished products have large density and small volume. It can replace fuel wood and coal. Generally speaking, the outside diameter of finished briquettes is between 50mm and 60mm. The diameter of the hole in the center is between 15mm and 20mm.

The demand for charcoal is rising nowadays and charcoal is widely used in more and more fields. For example, charcoal can be used for barbecue because it is smokeless and tasteless. Charcoal can be used as warm fuel in the winter. Moreover, charcoal can be also used in steel plant to slowly coo down the temperature. Above all, charcoal is popular among many fields. Therefore, charcoal briquetting machinery is also well known in home and abroad. The machine-made charcoal made by briquetting machine has been replacing the charcoal made by traditional earth kiln, which greatly reduces the production cost and improves the economic profits.

An important feature of the charcoal powder briquette machine is that its material has been carbonized firstly. The biomass materials are firstly processed in the carbonization furnace for 8-12 hours. And after they are fully carbonized, the powder will be sent into the briquette machine as the raw material. On the other hand, the materials can be the leftover of the charcoal making line or the small size waste charcoal which broken in storage or while transportation. So, the materials of charcoal powder briquette machine are carbonized firstly or are the charcoal fines.

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