Nowadays, the combination crusher becomes a new hot button in the field of crusher machines. Why combination crusher so popular in consumers? Most possible reason is that it can meet the consumers’ demand and it has stable performance. Reliable work, easy to operate and high efficiency make combination crusher be accepted by more and more clients. Meanwhile, it provides a new power in crusher machines.

It is the representative of a new era of composite crusher and has been applied to selected iron equipment in high-speed rail and highway construction.

The combination crusher is a new type of fine crushing and rough milling product after optimizing and designing the main technical parameter and combining the crushing technologies domestic and international. It is mainly used to crush crude cement materials and grogs in medium-sized factory, providing an ideal fine crushing equipment for the technological innovation of cement factories or setting up the cement production line. It is also applicable for crushing iron ore, sandstone, gypsum, blast furnace residue, coal stone, piece coal, and many other ores of medium hardness, characterized by the large crushing ratio, little energy consumption, stable run, simple structure, and convenient maintenance and operation.

The combination crusher was invented at the beginning of the twentieth century and its working principle is taking advantage of the gap between two inverted cones. Because in the whole operation process, the breaking force is pulsatile, and in the breaking process, sometimes it will mix with none-broken objects, such as iron, etc, insurance device will have to be equipped with the machine in order to eliminate such objects and protect the machine from being damaged. According to the different nature of insurance devices, they can be divided into a mechanical spring device or hydraulic spring device (namely insurance cylinder device).

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