In recent years, the stone crusher industry inputs a larger cost in stone production line, while also increases the operating costs of quarry equipment manufacturing company. As in previous years, the unusually hot sand and gravel industry, attracting a large number of investors, but because of the aggregate does not proficient in this industry, so it caused some people lose money out of the stone production line industry. This phenomenon shows that people only know gravel industry profits, but did not see its profit growth point where it has caused a decrease in selling prices of sand material. These are the sand and gravel industry operational difficulties, the appearance of fine sand recovery equipment, but also to save the sand and gravel industry.

Then what benefits can sand collection system bring for the quarry equipment enterprise? Discharged through the sand washing machine in the sand loss is more serious, but through the sand recycling equipment can reduce waste disposal costs , to reduce environmental pollution and the recovered sand washing machine is wasted sand, but also to make whole stone production line efficiency.

First, the most direct benefit is increased production of sand and gravel, the increase in production also represents the economic efficiency of enterprises increased. The most important reason is that the recovered sand washing machine can solve the problem of irrational grading, so to some extent, said sand collection system to enhance the quality of the sand material required to meet national standards, the building can even reach high demand.

So, from the fine sand collection system in recent years, the development process can be seen that its future development trend , if the company to produce high -quality sand , then the business will be a major transformation . Because this time, fine sand is not so much, demand far exceeds supply. So if we can sand material supplied to the high-end market, then these sand not only sell a good price, but also got a multi- supply market (that we have mentioned high-end market). Therefore, in the next space sand recycling equipment, to a certain extent, affected the profits of quarry equipment enterprises.

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