Ball Press machine, also known as goose machines, mainly used to press some difficult molding powder materials, characterized by forming pressure, the host rpm adjustable, with a spiral Feeding Device. It is mainly used to make the dry material without any moisture into balls or briquettes. Such raw material as copper powder, Chromium powder, waste material of lead and zinc, Aluminum vanadium and soil, non-ferrous metal powder, etc. The working principle is through strong and high pressure to make the raw material into balls. It is widely applied in metallurgy, chemical and refractory industry.

The machine can press all kinds of mineral powder, metal powder, coal powder, coke powder into ball, square or pillow-shaped charcoal and other materials to make them molded. The three high characteristics: high density, high strength, highly hardness. Four rollers, two of them can be movable.

It seems that it is necessary to develop large-sized ball press machine, and the reasons are listed in the following:

1. It helps realize the large-scale production. At present, the capacity of high-pressure ball press machine is only 5 t/h, 8t/h, and 10t/h. The large ball press machine can realize the capacity of 50t/h, 60t/h and even more than 100t/h. The breakthrough of high-pressure ball pressure machine provides large pellet equipment for the related industry, which will increase the realization of energy-saving, and consumption-reducing and the utilization of waste.

2. It can be applied in the molding of fine coal and other powder material, easy for transportation, reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

3. It improves the process problems of lignite drying and dealing after refining.

4. It helps realize the upgrading and updating of design & manufacture for ball press machine. The birth of large high-pressure machine transforms the condition of introducing from abroad, digesting domestically to inventing, researching, designing and manufacturing the new type energy-saving and consumption-reducing model with advanced structure and different from the existing models. It breaks the foreign monopoly of design and manufacture technology and makes new breakthroughs.

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