Organic fertilizer dryer can dry chicken manure, cow dung, horse manure, pig manure, duck manure, goose dung and so on. Fote Organic fertilizer dryer can directly dry livestock feces of 70%-80% water to the safe storage of 13% water. The whole compound fertilizer production line is in a closed system, so can reduce the pollution to the environment in the process of drying. The finished product of organci fertilizer dryer has fine granule. So can be used as culture medium, planting agaricus bisporus mushroom, also can be used as breeding turtles, fish, snails, feed chickens, ducks, etc.

Choosing organic fertilizer dryer should comprehensively consider the points:

1. The physical properties of materials, such as morphology, water content, water nature, water of crystallization, particle size, bulk density, viscosity and heat sensitive, softening point, phase transition point, thixotropy, toxic, corrosive, smelly, flammable, explosive, electrostatic, air permeability, reunion sex, crystal or granule easy comminuted, etc.

2. The drying characteristics of the material: choose in quasi dry conditions of drying curve, the critical moisture content, and equilibrium moisture content.

3. Dry production requirements and vision.

4. Material value and the influence on the drying effect. Some factors like water content, pollution, temperature, wear, pulverization, crushing, reconstitution properties.

5. The dryer machine requirement of material recovery.

6. The material drying process and order process. Involving to discharge status method.

7. The material of the past drying method or similar products of drying method.

8. Available heat source. Like coal, oil, electricity, gas, liquefied petroleum gas, natural gas.

9. The installation site, if have any special requirements.

10. Environmental requirement restrictions of dust emission, noise, vibration, the peculiar smell, volatile matter and other.

11. Purchase amount, local labor, land, energy prices.

12. The user level of operators and maintenance ability.

13. The local average annual air temperature, humidity.

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