Sand dryer is a drying machine used for drying sand and it is widely used in building material, metallurgy, food, chemistry, coal and pharmacy due to the advantages of reliable operation, big elasticity of operation, strong adaptability and big processing amount.

China still lags behind at abroad in the production of drying machine, but as long as we work hard, think of ways to solve the problems, we will certainly catch up with and surpass them. When using sand drying machine, we will find different problems, study and summarize the results.

1. Virgin sand, when the drying medium temperature or ambient temperature, sand moisture before drying and other parameters for long time vary greatly, the operator still cannot change the original speed of sand machine. Only when the laboratory technician test water, inform them that sand moisture after drying has been beyond the scope, they find relevant personnel to adjust the speed of sand machine , change time of sand in the dryer to make the dried sand moisture within the required range. It is not difficult to see that, in unadjusted sand exhaust machine, there are many unqualified sand discharging from drying machine. And when adjusting sand exhaust machine after a period of time, there are still a part of dried sand unqualified. This sand would later leave the serious hidden danger for safe storage.

2 Dryer is easy to fire; sand drying machine works, sand in the drying chamber directly contacts each other with drying medium for heat exchange. While the current domestic drying medium supplied for dryer is generated by hot blast furnace heat exchanger heating the cold air. Expansion joint of heat exchanger and fire-proof walls, heat exchanger end plate and the expansion joint, the end plate and heat exchange tube, heat exchanger and heat exchanger, long-time burning, corrosion and aging will generate holes and cracks, if the pressure of drying medium outside heat exchange tube is less than flue gas pressure inside heat pipe ( most sand drying machine is this state ), the fire in flue gas through the holes and cracks will be sucked into the drying medium, and then as the drying medium is brought to the drying machine, causing the sand firing. This fire accident usually occurs in the drying chamber interior, it is difficult to discover and prevent for the operator.

3 The repair is not careful, in regular production workers are not carefully watched, equipment maintenance is not serious, unplanned downtime for repairing equipment often occurs (only drying machine keeps stable operation for long time can it roast out high-quality sand ); at night firemen dose not watch stoker seriously, the temperature of drying medium cannot go up for long, in order not to make sand does not has over moisture, he reduces the speed of sand exhaust machine secretly, sundries on drying machine network board have been cleaned for long, severely blocking sand precipitation and exhaust emissions. It not only affects the drying yield, but also effects sand quality, at the same time also extends drying time, increases storage pressure, improve the drying cost.

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