Slag dryer is widely used in industry to dry slag, sand, coal slime, sludge etc. Materials are sent into the upper end by conveyor or elevator. During moving slowly to the lower end, materials absorb lots of heat and release moisture. Water gets vapourized. The wet and hot air is librated into atmosphere through dust catcher. In the end, dry materials are collected at the outlet.

Slag drying equipment, mainly by the dryer host drum, induced air equipment, high-speed scatter equipment, to lift up the stock plate, self cleaning device, a transmission device, transfer heat source equipment, reducer, supporting device and sealing device and etc. Full set of slag drying equipment design is reasonable, the production is excellent, stable performance, the craft is advanced, high output, low energy consumption, cover small area, with the advantages of high mechanization degree.

Slag dryer working principle:

Rotary dryers consist of a horizontally inclined rotating cylinder. Material is fed at one end and discharged at the other end. In direct-type rotary dryers, hot gases move through the cylinder in direct contact with the material, either with or against the direction of its flow. The cylinder is equipped with flights, which lift the material and shower it down through the hot gas stream.

Performance characteristics

1, slag drying equipment throughput is bigger, resistance to overload ability, fuel consumption, can directly reduce the cost of drying.

2, slag dryer in the design in order to achieve the best drying effect, use downstream dry mode, and the material and heat flow is composed of the same side into the drying equipment, slag dryer outlet temperature is low, high thermal efficiency.

3, slag drying equipment in the internal structure to realize innovation, strengthen the scattered material cleaning and heat conduction effect, thoroughly solved the cylinder body wall caking phenomenon.

4, a new generation slag dryer use new feed and discharge device, to eliminate the slag drying equipment feed jams, discontinuous, uneven return phenomenon, to reduce the dust removal equipment load.

5, this type of slag drying equipment can meet different users for a variety of slag class materials after drying material size and water content requirements.

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