Scrap metal crusher is the latest type crusher who is produced according to the requirements of the market by Henan Fote Machinery Co., Ltd., who organize the power and combine the specific practical application of the clients from home and abroad. It is very high-efficiency, energy-saving. In addition, this machine has the characters of high convenience, compact composition, and big output. It is mainly applied to the large-scale reclamation depot and used to break the cans into ideal pellets, such as drink can, beer can, etc, so that the transport cost can be reduced. The users can adopt different allocations according to the materials species, scale, and the requirements of the finished goods.

This machine is mainly composed of worm gear and worm gear motor, chassis, racks, combined spiral shaping cutter disc, driving shaft and driven shaft and large gear and small gear parts. crushing pressure on the solid has several type ,such as shear, impact, grinding ect

After showing you to understand the basic principle knowledge of mechanical metal crusher, then together with you to know about the several matters for attention when using the equipment, in order to use equipment better, knowing some details is very necessary.

First of all, we should check the machine basic condition before activating metal crusher, check if there's any loose for related parts, whether there are abnormal phenomena within the machine

Secondly, you should set and produce according to the model parameters, scientific using metal crusher equipment, bear in mind that not overload production, in order to avoid beyond the bearing capacity of the equipment.

Again, keep scrap metal crusher good lubrication condition, each week we should add butter in the host bearing at a time, the butter should be better.

Finally, automatic feeding can greatly increase production. Don't stop immediately after work, the crusher should be idle for 2-3 minutes, so that the machine within material is discharged completely. The crusher should be cleaned after downtime, maintenance work.

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