Nowadays the development of industry cannot leave the mining resources, Coal is non-renewable resources, and is the basis of enterprise survival and development. Lignite is the same as the other resources, after the coal is mined, it needs washing and choosing, and thus the good lignite is picked out.

It is an important direction to develop and use coal and other mineral material reasonable and comprehensively. People using the precious coal resources realize the waste into the treasures. It can not only generate considerable economic benefits, but also solve the environment pollution and a series of problems.

Lignite coal dryer can dry coal slurry and maintain the quality of coal slurry to realise the fully use and high efficiency. Investing lignite dryer will gain good economic and social benefit; therefore, the investment on this project can obtain the rich value.

The plant in North Dakota, operated by GTL Energy and slated to open at the end of December, aims to prove that new technology can remove much of that water content and impurities to make the fuel more cost efficient and increase its energy value. French said the company hopes the plant will reduce lignite water content to 10 percent using a process called benefication.

The lignite rotary dryer adopts new technology of breaking and disperse the lignite before drying it by heat which realizes the serialization, industrialization, and automation of drying process. After the lignite drying fabrication processing, the moisture of the wet lignite decreases from 25%-30% to less than 13%. It can be used as fuel coal and has favorable economic, social and environmental benefit after perfecting the coal washing and screening techniques. It consists of revolved body, throwing plate, transmission device, supporting device, and sealing ring and it features in reasonable structure, fine manufacture, high output, low energy consumption, convenient operation.

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