Flat die wood pellet mill is developed on the basis of flat die feed pellet mill. Compare to grain raw material for animal feed pellets, pelletizing large volume but low density biomass like sawdust, agricultural residues, energy crops require higher pressure. With an electric engine you can precisely adjust the speed of pellet machine die or roller by the transmission of gear-boxes which is connected to the motor. In this way, you can perfectly control wood pellet quality. Our biomass pellet press can process various biomass materials into pellets for green fuel and animal bedding.

Electric wood pellet machine plays an irreplaceable role in making small amount wood pellets for family or small plant use. Biomass raw materials at or around your home like wood scraps, leaves, grass clippings, yard waste, wood shavings, etc. all can be applied to process biomass pellets. Collecting these biomass materials for fuel is really a great way to use up waste that you may throw away. Why not turn these wastes into valuable fuel?

This flat die wood pellet machine is operated through the gear driving the spindle and die. Feed wood raw materials into the hopper, which are forced out of the die hole by extruding action of die and pressing rollers. Wood pellets come out of the die holes and then a sharp knife would immediately cut these pellets into regular length. Our flat die pellet machine is designed with a stationery die and rotating rollers; and this structure has more benefits on longer roller service life and good quality wood pellets.

Wood pellets are produced by compressing the biomass material which is first grinded to provide a uniform dough-like mass. Then the mass is fed to a pelletizing chamber and formed pellets through a die with holes of the required size. The high pressure of the press makes the temperature of the wood increase greatly and the lignin slightly forms a natural 'glue' which is a substance that holds the pellet together. The size of pellets is generally kept to be about 6mm diameter and 25mm length in the form of a cylinder. Of course, we can customize dies with different die holes.

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